The best high quality handmade Made in Italy pumps

TPFM is born with the idea of connecting people around our ambition: to become the point of reference within the iconic pump offer and reflect the concept the brand will be renowned for: everyday pumps, direct to you, without overspending.

We are encouraging the biggest shift in the luxury consumer behavior: a direct-to-consumer model that is eliminating traditional branding selling every item at €199,00 price tag. Shoes are produced in a limited quantity due to the fact that are completely handmade.

Starting with a collection of 20 everyday essentials pumps, we intended to create a curated assortment of high-quality shoes.And we’ll never make you choose between hundreds different kinds of shoes. We have the most iconic one and we are specialised, not generalist: the pump.

If you are a shoeaholic, this is the place to be.

Made in Italy
TPFM represents the excellence of Italian craftsmanship, combined with attention to detail and the refinement of materials that explodes in a unique and compelling color palette.
Iconic Pump
The Pump Factory Milano highly-curated collection is more about building a conscious community of shoeaholic, a quality and people-first approach.These hot four seasons pumps are something to flaunt! Stick with these brilliant colors and warm up your look.
Affordable Luxury
A perfect balance of quality and price. TPFM pumps stand out for being an icon of accessible luxury: from artisan to consumer.

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